Metso Outotec adds compact Low Rider pumps to its MD sequence

Metso Outotec is expanding its MD pump sequence with compact MD Low Rider pumps designed for easy replacements and upgrades.
The new cost-efficient pump vary is aimed significantly at installations with limited house.
“I am pleased to see this new addition to our providing of Planet Positive MD collection pumps. With its reduced mechanical footprint, the MD Low Rider is a perfect alternative for any pump sort or make. It can be put in at a fraction of the similar old site modification price and complexity,” says Timo Torvinen, vice chairman of Pumps Business & Product Management at Metso Outotec.
Designed to suit the footprint of an current installation, the Metso Outotec MD Low Rider collection covers sizes from MD400 to MD700, in high chrome and rubber choices. เกจวัดแรงดันน้ำไทวัสดุ are designed to use the prevailing hydraulic parts with a more recent and shorter drive finish.

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