Pumping System Master Class for Irrigation & Water Supply

The Pumping System Master Class (PSMC) ONLINE course is a bespoke Workshop which follows the case study of a farmer (fictitious) from Tenterfield NSW, Australia, who is designing a pumping and pipeline system, together with pump station, for his irrigation system.
Pre-requisite for the course would include either 4 yrs irrigation design or pump expertise, or completion of a fundamental pump coaching course.
See modules: http://www.talle.biz/psmc.php

TheThe Pumping System Master Class highlights advanced design methods for pump and pipeline choice which explores the unique relationship between Hazen and Williams friction coefficients (C) and bore roughness (K), hydraulic optimisation and pumping energy effectivity. The course covers electric, diesel and solar powered pumps. Numerous free issued software program APPs assist members to calculate and fine tune pump and pipeline requirements and empowers them to adapt the course materials to their work projects.
With emphasis on Life Cycle Costing (LCC), the course material is invaluable for evaluating your designs with others for LLC analysis.
READ: There’s a wheel barrow in my pipeline!

Once the farmer’s pump and pipeline are selected, attention is given to pump station design, including inner pipework, valves, filters (energy efficiency), flowmeters, corrosion prevention, ladders. Work, Health and Safety is themed throughout the course.
The material is one hundred pc Rob Welke’s from his 52 years’ expertise in designing, constructing, commissioning and energy auditing pump stations for water supply and irrigation. Presented by Rob Welke, Tallemenco Pty Ltd Rob has 52 years’ expertise in pumping & hydraulics and has never sold a pump in his life! เพรสเชอร์เกจ has been certainly one of power efficiency performance monitoring of pumping and irrigation techniques, pressure gauge in a single hand, circulate meter in the different. His auditing anecdotes will blow you away!

Course Status Level 3 to Level 6 in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Participants are issued with an Attendance Certificate. Endorsed by Irrigation Australia for 2 PDs. COST: AUD $750 – go to www.talle.biz click on “Buy Now” to register Payable earlier than attendance

Contact: Rob Welke 0414 492 256, or Email: r.welke@talle.biz


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